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Ale-Taster Definition T-Shirt (Green)

Ale-Taster Definition T-Shirt (Green)

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Every gathering needs an official Ale-taster. Clearly define your role with this Ale-taster T-shirt. The design is complete with the definition of your new position of authority. “Ale-taster: (n.) an officer appointed in every court leet, and sworn, to inspect ale, beer and bread.” Resurrect this ancient title and celebrate as our nations forefathers did, with a flagon of ale at the ready!

Disclaimer: This shirt is only to be worn by true ale connoisseurs and all duties must be performed to the best of your ability while donning this garment.

This shirt is available in a range of sizes. The West Hartford Gift Shop has you covered, wether you’re rocking a 6-pack, a keg, or anything in between.


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