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Water Bottle: West Hartford by Julia Gash

Water Bottle: West Hartford by Julia Gash

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20 oz. aluminum Swell©-style water bottle. Show your town pride and love of West Hartford with this unique item. You’ll turn heads every time you take a swig out of this colorful water bottle – and you’ll enjoy examining the details too!

About the artwork:

Originally settled in 1679 as the West Division of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut officially became its own town in 1854. In its 300+ year history, West Hartford transformed from a small, quiet farming community to the bustling suburb it is today. West Hartford is a quintessential New England suburban town; in fact, it is the largest town in New England, with a population of approximately 63,000 people.

West Hartford is celebrated in a new and unique way with the artwork of Julia Gash. Julia Gash is a creative entrepreneur who is passionate about art and travel. She creates hand-drawn illustrations celebrating cities around the world that are made into stylish art prints and sustainable souvenirs. She has created over one thousand works of art that describe the world through her playful and honest vision, and she has now partnered with the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society to create a custom design of West Hartford, Connecticut. Julia Gash has created for the museum a whimsical illustration of West Hartford that highlights the town’s most iconic features and the places that make the town unique.


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