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Sunflower Dictionary Journal

Sunflower Dictionary Journal

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This medium-sized journal is 5.5″ inches wide by 7.75″ high with 70- lined pages. It’s small enough to easily toss in a backpack or laptop bag, but still has enough room to take all the notes you need without feeling cramped or as though you’re running out of space.  This beautiful botanical print is superimposed on the page of Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary that contains the word “sunflower.” The journal's green spine and back are inspired by the 1828 dictionary's cover color .

About Webster's Dictionary

In 1801, Noah Webster started working on defining the words that Americans use. He did this because Americans spoke and used words differently than the English, and to help people who lived in different parts of the country to speak and spell the same way.

In his dictionary, Webster used American spellings like “color” instead of the English “colour” and “music” instead of “musick”. He also added American words that weren’t in English dictionaries like “skunk” and “squash.” His first edition, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1806. This book offered brief definitions of about 37,000 words. It took him 22 more years to finish his American Dictionary of the English Language. When he finished in 1828, at the age of 70, Noah’s dictionary defined over 65,000 words.


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